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Ramazan Etkinlikleri Animasyon

Cizgi Kukla Theatre, is also playing for adults,
using the Black Light Technique

These Plays Are:
Halter, (dummble)
Üsküdar’a Gideriken (While Going To Uskudar)
Dengi Dengine Davul (Drum Show)
Özel Tasarlanmış Spor Oyunları (Special Designed Sport Plays)
Kamera Oyunu (Camera Play)
Aşk-ı Sema (Love and Sky)
İstanbul’da Manzaralar (Views In Istanbul)
Çizgi Ramazan Etkinlikleri (Line Ramadan Activities)

These adult plays have been played in many municipality stages, hotels animation as Ramadan Activities. Our plays are a live performance animation. These plays becomes to a live cartoon film, by using the Black Light
The puppet players wont be seen during the play.

The Black Light technique was born in Prag, Cizgi Kuka Theatre is one of the theatre group in Turkey who uses this technique, which is being used very rare in Turkey.

Its a line-puppet theatre play, played with a special light.

The plays are also animated, non-stop tempo, and funny music sounds are being used.

Play time is arround 40 and 60 minutes.

Its being played in a special play tent and in a very dark atmosphere.

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