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 · Çizgi Kukla Theatre was founded in 2007, by Burhan Gün and Abdullah Gün.
 · It started to play theatre plays for children using the Black Light technique.
 · It has also animation plays for children and adults.

 These plays are:
 1.  Town Musicians of Bremen (Çizgi-Kukla, For Children)
 2.  Blindmans-Buff (Çizgi-Kukla, For Children)
 3.  Ezop Stories (Çizgi-Kukla, For Children)
 4.  Puss In Boots (Çizgi-Kukla, For Children)
 5.  The Journey Of The Simurgh Birds (Çizgi-Kukla, For Children)
 6.  Deniz’s Cast (Live Performance, Child Play)
 7.  Ramadan Activities (Çizgi-Kukla, Animation Play For Every Ageı, Masal Dinletileri, Jokes and Stories)
 8.  Whilde Going To Üsküdar (Çizgi-Kukla,Animation Play For Every Age)
 9.  Drum Show (Çizgi-Kukla, Animation Play For Every Age)
 10.Dumblle Play (Çizgi-Kukla, Animation Play For Every Age)
 11.Camera Play (Çizgi-Kukla, Animation Play For Every Age)
 12.Love And Sky (Çizgi-Kukla, For Every Age, Semazen ile Black Light Görsel Şölenin Buluşması)

 · Cizgi Kukla Theatre, has played these plays for over then 300 hundred schools, municipality and special association's stages, about 1200 times.
 · It performed puppet child plays in many national and international festivalls.
 · It reached more then 300.000 children.
 · It continues to play and meeting the children.
 · It presented the game "Puss In Boots" in Austria Wien, for the turkish and german children.
 · Now its getting invitation from national and international festivalls.
 · Cizgi Kukla Theatre, is working and trying to make new plays, and to improve the technique.
 · Cizgi Kukla Theatre, is trying to make new play grounds, so everyone can see these plays.

   Cizgi Kukla Theatre
   General Art Director
   Burhan Gun

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Gülbahar mh. Altan Erbulak sk. Sedir Apt. No:11/6 Şişli / İSTANBUL
+90 212 213 88 84 info@cizgikukla.com